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tv   America Live  FOX News  July 19, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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rouge, louisiana, which is clearly a fake because no one can obtain a driver's license with a home address in a different state. it also suggests the suspect's id may have been produced outside the united states according to u.s. authorities. this security camera from the airport in bulgaria shows a young man with long hair, it could be a wig, pacing nervously back and forth inside the airport. he is dressed like a tourist. the explosives were reportedly if his backpack. u.s. authorities are cooperating with the bulgarians and the israelis to try and figure out who was behind the attack that left five israeli tourists dead. israel's prime minister blamed iran, its defense minister blamed hezbollah which just yesterday released and posted on their web site a graphic description of how iran's revolutionary guard would go about closing the strait of hormuz by targeting u.s. aircraft carriers in the persian gulf. it was provided to us by the
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middle east media research insert. the bulgarians and israelis are in touch, we're told, with president obama's top national security adviser, john brennan, about the attack in bulgaria. megyn? megyn: jennifer, thank you. well, coming up, what if israel does retaliate? in our next hour, we're going to sit down with ambassador dan gillerman who will walk us through the next steps in this crisis as he sees them. we are also tracking another dangerous middle east showdown unfolding in syria. russia and china today vetoing a u.n. security council resolution that would have put increased pressure on syrian president bashar assad to step down. new amateur video showing continued violence in damascus, one day after the assassination of three top government officials. reuters reporting that president assad has fled the capital for his palace on the mediterranean coast. officials bracing for the possible collapse of this regime
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and are reportedly in talks right now with israel to possibly take out syrian chemical weapons dumps. we're going to have more on that and what this means for america just a bit later in the broadcast. well, new jobs numbers show more americans hit the unemployment lines last week. the labor department reporting 386,000 people applied for jobless benefits. that's a jump of 34,000 and reverses much of the big drop that was reported last week. sales of existing homes dropped nearly 5.5% last month. the national association of realtors reporting just 4.3 million homes sold in june, and that is the fewest we've seen since october. well, a new political controversy copping up on the campaign trail. it involves a new attack ad from the democratic national committee using video of ann romney's horse prancing around,
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doing dressage as it's called, in an effort to mock governor romney and his positions on his wealth. here's some of that. ♪ >> why do you ever a vis bank account, and what do you say to american people who ask about that? >> the money that i have is managed by a blind trust. i don't manage the money that i have. ♪ megyn: well, mrs. romney has multiple sclerosis, and horseback riding is an important part of her therapy. democrats have apologized to her since she said that she was offended on good morning america today. president obama has often said that families are off limits in campaign, so was this ad out of line? joining me now, chris stirewalt, host of "power play" on they don't go after ann romney in the ad. they show mitt romney say we'll
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see about releasing the tax returns, i may or may not do what my dad did, but they keep showing ann romney's horse that's going to go to the olympics for dressage, i guess, she says she was offended by it, they pulled it. does this have some lasting effect, some broader message? >> oh, i don't know that this ad, the horse-dancing ad, has lasting effect. [laughter] but it does tell us this, that ann romney's still got the strokes. she's got power. she has the ability to change the discussion. if anybody gets anywhere near her, her status much like michelle obama's, is as a protected human being. and she, and i think ann romney's going to continue to be very popular. ity she's going to continue to be very well liked and a big asset for her husband. the other thing that it tells us, and this is significant, is that when you create an atmosphere inside a campaign or inside a political organization that is so attack-oriented -- and this happens on the
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republican side too -- but when it's so megaand you have so many people attacking at once, sometimes people get carried away. megyn: in defense of the dnc, was this such an instance? it, you know, they didn't show ann romney on the horse, they didn't mock ann romney, they didn't even really mock the horse so much as to use -- [laughter] like, the prancing of the horse as analogous in their view to what mitt romney said on his taxes. you know, is this an example of overreaching by, by the romneys in terms of offense, chris? >> well, first of all, i think the horse should be offended. i don't think they were taking the horse's dancing seriously. [laughter] i think that's the first thing i would point out. well, sure, the romney people are going to umbrage -- the game of umbrage in washington in politics is the whole deal. how quickly can you be offended, how far can you go? umbrage is the favorite sport in politics. but when i say overreach, i guess what i really mean is do
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something that opens you up to criticism such as this, and don't do it. just stay away from anything chose to a candidate's spouse -- close to a candidate's spouse, always a better choice. megyn: and the horse is, you know, people are associating the horse with ann romney because she uses the horse for her ms therapy, and that's been very clear for weeks if not months now, i mean, very clear. they're also taking a shot at romney, some in the press, for what they claim is a $77,000 tax deduction as a result of of declaring -- they own, like, one-third of the horse. [laughter] and they're claiming, well, chris hyde was on our show yesterday claiming, oh, they're taking a $77,000 for horse prom, talking about the horse dancing. >> right. megyn: apparently, that is not correct now. our brain room took a look at this they took a $50 deduction. they show a $77,000 loss on their income, but they just wrote off $49 thanks to the horse. you know, do these little things
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matter, chris, or is this just yet another thing that gets, you know, smushed -- sort of passed over and accepted by the american public? oh, $77,000 horse prom? >> oh, i don't even think the first part report ins. in the -- matters. silly season has begun very early this year, and democrats are fixated on what's in mitt romney's tax returns. but what we've seen in recent days is the focus of the election keeps coming back to two things; the state of the economy and the role of the government in fixing it. horse dancing and which third of the olympic horse the romneys own -- [laughter] and how much -- i hope it's the front third. how much they own doesn't really matter. this is just some stuff people say. [laughter] megyn: i mean, this morning when i'm having my assistant talk to accountants about the deduction for the horse and how much of the horse do they own, and does ann romney ride it -- because that's not ann romney in the video, does she ride it all the time?
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anyway, who'd have thought that in political cover an we'd get to that point. chris, thank you. governor romney slamming president obama over his recent comments that business owners owe the government in large measure for their success. is this governor romney's new message? are we likely to hear this on an ongoing basis? michelle malkin weighs in next. and new questions on the disappearance of two girls in iowa. trace gallagher investigates. and george zimmerman speaking out for the first time with our own sean hannity. if you missed it, don't worry. what he says really happened the night trayvon martin was shot, we will play an extensive portion of the interview for you coming up. >> is there anything you regret? do you regret getting out of the car to follow trayvon that night? do you feel you wouldn't be here for this interview if you didn't have that gun? is there anything you might do
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megyn: we are waiting at this hour for massachusetts, a massachusetts campaign event from governor romney as he ramps up his attacks on president obama in this race over the president's recent comments suggesting that successful business owners owe their success in large measure to the government. mr. romney hit this hard at a town hall meeting in bowling green, ohio. here he is firing up the crowd there. >> when i got this campaign going, i said this was going to be an election about the soul of america. and a lot of people wondered about that. was i overstating it? >> no! >> i don't think we're overstating it at all. because, you see, i go back to the soul of america having been established clearly in the voices of the founders who when they wrote the declaration of independence did not give credit for our rights to the
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government, but instead to the creator where it belongs. [cheers and applause] megyn: joining us now, michelle malkin, columnist and fox news contributor. michelle, welcome back. you know, that is more and more what we're now starting to hear in this week or so. i mean, it seems like something's turning in terms of the narrative about the election that, yes, it's two men, yes, it's two visions of the economy and so on. now there's more and more talk of it's a battle for the soul of america, for the future of this country and how it's going to be and how its people are going to live. is that, is that the winning message for governor romney? >> i think so. i think it's half of the winning message. and i think that a lot of grassroots conservatives, constitutionalists, limited government activists have been praying for mitt romney to get some fire in his belly on this. i think that the spark, the incendiary flame, came from barack obama himself and the
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remarks that we've all been talking about this last week. but it really seems to have helped mitt romney self-actualize, to use a pop psychology term, the speech that he gave in pennsylvania earlier this week i had nothing but praise for, and i've been rather hard on mitt romney over the years. but i think that he has found a turning point, a moment where he can provide that clear and unmistakeable contrast between his campaign and the last four miserable years of the obama administration. megyn: you know, the president has done his best to try to appear at least that he is in favor of small business, he points out that he gave them 18 tax cuts and that, you know, he's a pro-business kind of guy, he realizes that that's the heart of the economy. but he's made several comments that cause people to question it. and everything from, you know, you've got to spread the wealth around to this comment that he made this week. the white house comes out saying you're taking him out of
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context, you've got to listen to all the remarks. you'll see he wasn't saying you didn't build your business. it's part of a longer message, though, that has the critics saying, well, you know, this is how we take him. >> yeah. well, i love this because the more they try and explain away the underlying message and the underlying ideology, the worse it gets for the left. that's why they're trying all sorts of distraction techniques whether it's going after ann romney's horse or now this ridiculous frenzy over her use of the phrase "you people." anything to distract from the core hostility that progressives like barack obama hold for individual entrepreneurs in our free enterprise system. and remember that this goes back to four years ago when he got in a lot of trouble, a lot of heat over those remarks about bitter clingers and mainstream america, remarks that he made when he was in san francisco that he thought
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were secret. and i think for most of his professional and political career those who understand the kind of left-wing, command and control ideology that he was steeped in know that these are his true feelings. and there is no parsing and spinning his way around it. megyn: you've talked about on your blog, and i mentioned this with our focus group we did on the remarks this week about how, you know, succinctly put you believe one of the main differences between the president and mitt romney is one is used to signing the back of paychecks, and one is used to signing the front of paychecks. i think the white house has used that distinction of mitt romney as he's unrelatable, he doesn't get real americans, and he's against the middle class. >> yeah. it is not something to be ashamed of. and that is what the heart of the class war rhetoric and demagoguery that you're hearing from the left and the democrats is aimed at. making individual entrepreneurs feel ashamed and somehow trying to force them into paying homage
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and, um, full debt to the government for all of their success. and this is where i think the clarifying moment is for most people. because this is not some sort of radical right-wing idea that people should get the credit for the hard work they put into their livelihoods, their careers, their families. and i think it's going to have particular resonance in purple swing states, places like colorado where we have a pioneering spirit, where people feel like because they pay taxes they should not be obligated to fund every last boondoggle of the government and every last crony of this administration. and that's why i said that for romney talking about this issue, this you didn't build that mentality is only half of the winning message. the other half, of course, is paring it with corruption. it's contempt and corruption of this administration which
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forcibly redistributes our hard-earned money to their own cronies and pals who haven't earned a penny that -- megyn: well, that's one question raised in the wake of the president's remarks because he raised the, you know, you use infrastructure, you use the police, you use the things that people built to succeed in your business, and the response by some has been, yes, if you want to use my higher taxes to build more roads or pay the police, that's one thing. but if you want to raise my taxes to give it to somebody who's not working and not looking for a job or to pay off somebody who, you know, made a big donation, that's another thing. and the white house denies that's really what they're talking about, but that's a narrative that some believe. >> yes, that's right. and i think that as we get closer to the election and mitt romney hones this message, um, there are really two flip sides of the same coin because it really is about individual achievement versus the collective, versus the command and control economy. and whether people want their
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money to be redistricted by people who think they know what, quote-unquote, good jobs and what success is in america and defining it. megyn: michelle malkin, thank you so much. good to see you. >> you bet. take care. megyn: well, we've got the weekly unemployment numbers, and there was a big jump in the number of people filing for benefits. less than 24 hours after the white house took questions about why the president's job council has not met for six months. >> there's no specific reason except the president's, obviously, got a lot on his plate. megyn: just ahead, a look at the jobs crisis and is at the president's schedule. plus, books like jane air and pride and prejudice, timeless tales of love and struggle. but is it time to spice them up? why one publisher is giving the classics a 50 shades facelift, if you know what i mean. ♪ [ kyle my bad.
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megyn: new developments out of iowa today in the search for missing cousins elizabeth collins and lyric cook. the girls disappeared last friday, and police drained a nearby lake looking for any evidence. now one of the girls' fathers is publicly voicing his frustrations with investigators saying they are treating him like a suspect. trace gallagher has more live from the breaking news desk. trace? >> reporter: and it's interesting, megyn, because the father said he feels police are treating him like a suspect. at the same time, police are kind of intimating that the father might not be cooperating as fully as he can. daniel morrissey is the father of 10-year-old lyric cook who along with her 8-year-old cousin has been missing now for six
1:24 pm
days. the father says, and i'm quoting here: >> reporter: police responded by saying this. listen. >> haven't talk today mr. morrissey, i don't know why he feels that way. we expect the cooperation of everyone, and 100% cooperation. >> reporter: lyric cook's mom also maintains they are cooperating, giving interviews, turning over their cell phones. as for the search, authorities are still trying to drain lake meyers where the girls' bikes were found, and a bloodhound picked up their scent. dive teams from los angeles are now on scene, they'll be dive anything that lake later on today, megyn, and lyric cook's mom says as time keeps going by, she fears the girls are either no longer alive, or they keep getting further and further away from the family. it's got to be an awful feel.
1:25 pm
megyn: oh, god. trace, thank you. well, with syria in chaos, new fear about its huge stockpile of chemical weapons. yesterday board bolton and lieutenant colonel ralph peters warned if assad is going to use them, he's going to use them now. we've got a report on the dramatic move used to take out this threat. and a 71-year-old gunman opens fire on a couple of suspects trying to rob an internet café. seems like a hero here, but did he break the law? oh, did we get e-mail over this yesterday. that's in kelly's court. and the president's jobs council was supposed to put americans back to work or help anyway, but they have not met in six months. we'll take a look at why next. >> there's no specific reason except the president's, obviously, got a lot on his plate. ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria.
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megyn: new questions about our jobs crisis today as we get the weekly unemployment numbers, they're not good. more americans filing for benefits this week. the jobless claims are up by 34,000 this week to 386,000 people. and those numbers came up less than 24 hours after the white house found itself answering questions about why the president's jobs council has not met in more than six months. >> there is no specific reason except the president's, obviously, got a lot on his
1:30 pm
plate. but he continues to solicit and received a receive advice from numerous folks outside the administration about the economy, about the ideas that he can act on with congress or administratively to help the economy grow and help it create jobs. megyn: joining me now, simon rosenberg, former clinton campaign adviser, and marc thiessen who's a fellow with the american enterprise institute and a former george w. bush speech writer. all right, guys. jay carney came out and said, well, he's got a lot on his plate. simon, you point out that 90% of the recommendations that the jobs council has already made to the president have, i guess, been implemented? is that the stat? >> yeah. there's a new report out last week that showed -- let's just remember what the jobs council was, right? lots of ceos and other leading officials. they met four times, they made a big report at the beginning of
1:31 pm
the year, 60 recommendations for the administration to follow. 54 have either been implemented or senate progress has been made. so i think it's done its job. there are six more meetings scheduled over the next 18 months, but for this year they wanted to get the recommendations out early in the year to affect the congressional process. the administration's been responsive to their actions and has made -- and i think we should be satisfied with the contribution the jobs council has made. meg here's my question to you then, marc. if the jobs council's already made 60 recommendations and 54 have been implemented, why didn't jay carney say that? why is he talking about the president's busy schedule? duh, if the jobs council gave us this report and we implemented most of their recommendations, so get your facts straight, reporters. >> um, because probably they didn't recommend a bunch of them, and the president just went out and attacked several of them. i mean, look, the business council was -- you know, pram pa
1:32 pm
has gone on ten, ten golf outings and 100 fundraisers in the past six months, but he hasn't met with the jobs council once. last week in cincinnati the president went out and attacked mitt romney's plan to overhaul the corporate tax system including his plan to go to a territorial tax system in which the foreign income of american businesses would be exempted if they repatriated back here in the united states. and obama said that was a plan put together by somebody who wants to ship american jobs overseas. well, do you know who endorsed that plan? barack obama's jobs council. they declared in their report which was released just around i coincidentally, the same time obama had his last meeting with them, they declared that romney's approach would actually increase our global competitiveness, and they said obama's approach, quote: actually encourages u.s. companies to keep their business abroad rather than investing in the them at home. so i suspect the jobs council
1:33 pm
probably doesn't like being accused of trying to kill american jobs, they probably don't like being accused of corporate greed. and the fact is many of these business council members haven't endorsed obama. a number of them who had endorsed him in the past are not especially force l him this year -- endorsing him this year. penny pritzker is sitting this campaign out because of -- megyn: simon, is that possible, that it's a, you know, i'm taking my marbles and going home? you don't like me, i don't like you either kind of thing? >> no. and i think that jay carney did flub that response yesterday, megyn. megyn: your response was much better. [laughter] >> well, i had 24 hours to do my homework. [laughter] i think jay, jay's got a lot on his plate, let's just say that. [laughter] he's dealing with a lot of issues. i just think this basic argument that obama's been hostile to business is just silly, right? look at where the stock market is near all-time highs, corporate profits are near all-time highs, right?
1:34 pm
there's been the corporate sector of the united states, and this is where i agree with president obama said a few weeks ago is doing pretty well, right? what's happened is there hasn't been as much job creation. but the idea that there is sort of -- by the way, which was also true during the bush era, right? we had strong gdp and productivity levels, but jobs were not being created. both to have past two presidents have suffered from similar economic conditions. so the argument that somehow what barack's been doing has put businesses out of business or he's been hostile, it's silly. every small business owner in america has gotten a tax cut under obama. every single one of them. so i think this metaargument underneath this is just silly, and we've got to move on to have a real debate -- megyn: the meta-argument. marc? >> sorry, megyn. >> you know what? if everything was as great as simon said, then why do 55% of the american people disapprove of obama's handling of the economy? 64% said blame his policies for
1:35 pm
making the economy worse. and you say, yeah, he gave a tax cut to small businesses, he has just proposed to increase the taxes of 90% of the businesses in this country by relating the -- by letting the top -- >> by the way, that's just false. the republicans have to stop using, you guys have to stop using that statistic. only 3% of business owners will get a tax increase under president obama's proposal. >> that's absolutely not true. >> marc, come on, you know better than that. come on, you know better. marc, come on. megyn: and on that note, we have to agree to disagree, but a good debate as always, guys. thank you. >> thanks. megyn: coming up, a lot of attention folked on surveillance video that caught the attempted abduction of a 10-year-old girl. plus, we're getting the story behind the story as george zimmerman sits down in his first interview with our own sean hannity. we've got key parts of what zimmerman is saying about the night trayvon martin was shot
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[ male announcer ] learn more at [ laughs ] hey! megyn: florida's george zimmerman accused of murdering 7-year-old trayvon -- 17-year-old trayvon martin. giving his first interview to our own sean hannity. in case you missed it, here's what you need to know. >> let's start at the beginning. >> i was going to target to do my weekly grocery shopping. sunday nights was the only nights -- well, sunday after we mentored the kids we'd always go grocery shopping and do our cooking for the week. so i wanted to go to target, and i headed out, and that's the last time i've been home. >> since that, you never went back since that day? >> that's right. >> you said he started from almost the beginning in that 911 call, you said he came towards you, and he seemed to reach for
1:40 pm
something in his waistband. did you think that was a gun? >> i thought he was just trying to intimidate me. >> to make you think that there's a gun? >> a weapon. >> of some kind. >> possibly. >> you said in that tape, something's wrong with him, he's checking me out. i don't know what his deal was. so it's almost from the very beginning you felt, are you saying on that 911 tape that you felt threatened at that moment when you said that to the dispatch? >> no, not particularly. >> what did you mean with i don't know what his deal is, he's checking me out? >> the way he was coming back and, um, i was on the phone, but i was certain i could see him saying something to me. and his demeanor, his body language was confrontational. >> it was a controversy from early on, george, where there were some in the media that, quote, hired expert voice
1:41 pm
analysts on certain networks, and they end up having to -- ended up having to recant and rescind their analysis where they said these, quote, expletives get away with this all the time. do you remember what it was that you said specifically on the tape? >> punks. >> punks? it was not a racial epithet of any type? >> no. >> you said -- then we get to the issue where you said on the 911 call that he's running, you said that to the dispatch. is there any chance in retrospect as you look back at that night and what happened, and the nation, obviously, is paying a lot of anticipation to this, try -- attention to this, trying to maybe get into the mindset because we also have learned that trayvon was speaking with his girlfriend at the time that maybe he was afraid of you, didn't know who you were? >> no. >> you don't think that -- why do you think that he was running then? >> um, well maybe i said running -- >> you said he's running. >> yes. it was, like, skipping, going
1:42 pm
away quickly. but he wasn't running out of fear. >> you could tell the difference? >> he wasn't running. >> he wasn't actually running? >> no, sir. >> okay. because that's what you said to the dispatcher is you thought he was running. let me ask you this. at that point we can hear the unbuckling of the seat belt, hear you opening the car door. and does dispatch ask you at that point, and this became a very key moment that everyone in the media focused on, and the dispatcher asked you are you following him, and you said, yes. explain that. >> i meant that i was going in the same direction as him to keep an eye on him so that i could tell the police where he was going. i didn't mean that i was actually pursuing him. >> so this moment where some had suggested you were out of breath on that tape, you yourself were not running? >> no, sir. >> and you, i think, made a statement to the police that it was the wind as you were getting
1:43 pm
out of the car and moving, and that was the sound we hear, not you out of breath? >> yes, sir. >> how long was it, george, after that that you saw trayvon again? because you said you stopped, that you did not continue pursuing him. when did you next see trayvon martin? >> less than 30 seconds. >> what happened next? >> he asked me what my problem was -- >> expletive problem. >> yes, sir. and i was wearing a rain jacket, and i had put my cell phone in my jacket pocket as opposed to my jeans pocket where i normally keep it. and i immediately went to grab my phone to this time call 911 instead of the nonemergency, and when i reached into my pants pocket because that's where i keep it out of habit, it wasn't there, and i was shocked. i looked up, and he punched me and broke my nose.
1:44 pm
>> one shot? >> yes, sir. >> so he said to you, you have, expletive, you have a problem? those are the exact words he used? do you remember it? >> do you have a problem, what's your problem? >> what's your problem. and you said to him, i don't have a problem. >> yes, sir. >> you reached for your phone. >> i reached for it as i was saying, no, i don't have a problem. >> and at that point you just got hit. >> he was already within arm's length from me. >> and was that the punch in the nose that broke your nose? >> yes, sir. >> right there, and you went immediately down on the ground? >> i don't remember if i went immediately to the grown -- ground or if he pushed me, but i ended up on the ground. >> after that first the -- first hit, what happened next? >> he started bashing my head into the sidewalk. as soon as he broke my nose, i started yelling for help. i was disoriented, and he
1:45 pm
started slamming my head into the concrete. >> which is where the lacerations came from. >> yes, sir. >> you said it was like your head was going to explode, was a comment that you had given to the police. >> yes, sir. he continued to punch me in the head. >> how many times would you estimate that he punched you? >> several. more than a dozen. >> was he talking to you a lot during this fight, during this when he was beating you? because you're saying he's beating you and pounding your head into the cement. was he talking to you during that time? >> yes. >> and he was saying? >> cursing, telling me to shut up and then finally telling me he was going to kill me. >> and he said those words? and he said it -- when did he first see your gun? >> after we were on the ground, i shimmied with him on top of me, and it made my jacket rise up. and he being on top of me, saw
1:46 pm
it on my right side. >> what happened after that? >> i felt him take -- he had after he couldn't hit my head on the concrete anymore, he started to try to suffocate me. and i continued to take, push his hands off of my mouth and my nose particularly because it was excruciating, having a broken nose and putting his weight on it. and that's the point in time when he started telling me to shut up, shut up, shut up. >> why did he tell you to shut up? >> i don't know. >> do you remember when you yourself reached for your weapon, do you remember that moment? >> yes, sir. >> tell us about that. >> um, at that point i realized that it wasn't my gun, it wasn't his gun, it was the gun. >> did he say anything? because you said he was talking a hot about the gun?
1:47 pm
did he say he noticed the gun? >> he said you're going to die tonight, [bleep], and took one hand off of my mouth, and i felt it going down my chest towards my belt and holster. and that's when i didn't have anymore time. >> when you think back, there was one report, a police report that actually said you didn't know after you fired, you didn't think -- you thought you missed? >> i didn't think i hit him, yes. >> is there anything you regret? do you regret getting out of the car to follow trayvon that night? >> no, sir. >> do you regret that you had a gun that night? >> no, sir. >> do you feel you wouldn't be here for this interview if you didn't have that gun? >> no, sir. >> you feel you would not be here? >> i feel that was all god's plan, and for me to second guess it or judge it, um -- >> is there anything you might
1:48 pm
do differently in retrospect now that time has passed a little bit? >> no, sir. >> the parents of trayvon martin, um, they lost their son. this is your first interview. what would you like to tell them? >> i would tell them that, again, i'm sorry. i don't have -- my wife and i don't have any children. i have nephews that i love more than life. i love them more than myself, and i know when they were born, it was a different, unique bond and love that i have with them. and i love my children even though they aren't born yet, and i am sorry that they buried their child. i can't imagine what it must feel like, and i pray for them daily. megyn: reaction this morning from trayvon's parents, they think mr. zimmerman's apology
1:49 pm
was insincere and called the interview a gift for the prosecution. the prosecutor's already entered that tape into evidence. coming up next, israel says iran is going to pay a severe price for blowing up this bus full of jewish tourists, buttrad what if iran hits back?tive ambassador gillerman's here. plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's anothereason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day women's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. ♪
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megyn: well, it isn't really news anymore that the racy book 50 shades of gray is a runaway bestseller, 20 million copies at least, but this is new. we're getting reports that timeless classics like pride and prejudice and jane eyre are now going to get a 50 shades-style makeover. mr. darcy! trace gallagher, what are they doing to him? >> reporter: you know, the so-called mommy porn, meg, really has become this big industry thanks to 50 shades of gray. so now an adult fiction
1:53 pm
publisher is taking some of the classics, as you said -- pride and prejudice, jane eyre -- and giving them kind of an erotic makeover, right? dracula, 10,000 leagues under the sea -- i don't know how you make that sexy, but they're going to try it. here's the classic cover next to the juiced-up cover on the right. the publisher says they're just adding some missing scenes. who knew that sherlock holmes had a thing for dr. watson? apparently he wasn't kidding when he said it's elementary, watson, these are my methods. here's the deal. if you do this, they're thinking they can get a lot more of the new-age fans, for example, in wutter heights, catherine and heath cliff are now into bondage. and here's a new passage from jane eyre. it reads: at once i saw he meant to kiss me once again. his lips would be ruthless, and the smokiness of his cigar combine with the his uncivilized power would render me helpless.
1:54 pm
[laughter] yes, it might be offensive to some of t original fans of the book -- megyn: so they're going to go gay with sherlock holmes and watson? >> i didn't want to say, yes, but they are. megyn: does this mean i get to have colin firth who's, of course, the real mr. darcy, am i going to get to see him in some sort of compromising position? >> reporter: as soon as these go to film, you absolutely will. i didn't read the top parts because i can't on television, but it gets much worse. megyn: i might actually buy that. you can download it, and nobody has to know. oh, but wait, i just said it on national television. thanks, trace. >> reporter: 50 shades. [laughter] megyn: oh, mr. darcy. you know that movie, don't you? great book and then movie. bain capital and outsourcing have been the hot button words
1:55 pm
in recent weeks. up next, karl rove deconstructs some of the latest attacks on governor romney. and a 71-year-old man who ran off a pair of would-be robbers with his gun is considered a hero by many, but could he be facing serious charges? kelly's court investigates. a party? [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat!
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megyn: fox news alert. with fierce fighting across damascus, syria today, and the bashar assad regime is on the ropes. one new report says the united states and israel are considering an attack on syria's chemical weapons facilities. well to a brand new hour of "america live". i'm megyn kelly. syria has a vast supply of mustard gas, nerve agent and cyanide over the past four decades. large quantities of those agents are already believed to have been weaponized. with reports that the weapons are stored in a dozen sites including cities wracked by violence, there is serious concern about the
1:59 pm
effect of destroying them but whose hand they might fall into. dominic di-natale tracking the situation in syria as the civil war spins out of control. >> reporter: hey there, megyn. according to the new york times israel is discussing with the united states national security advisor tom done lynn its concern abouts the stockpiles of weapons. ehud barak spoke with leon panetta his u.s. counterpart how worried they actually were. they are opposed at this time to any strike on the sites by israel. they feel it would help assad drum up support for syrian citizens really split with the civil war going on. he feel he would easily play the anti-israel card with an attack like this from this side of the border. what do we know about the stockpile of those weapons? we know that in recent days some of these piles have actually been moved from one site to another. it could be the cyanide gas,
2:00 pm
could be sarin gas or could be the mustard gas. it could be a precautionary measure. the u.s. at this time doesn't believe the syrian regime has lost control of the stockpiles but it is monitoring situation because the syrian regime has a history of brutally repressive against its own people but you have al qaeda trying to explore the chaos. of course that add as very dangerous dimension to this. back to you. >> sure does. dominic di-natale, thank you. the question over these weapons go back quite a while. syria has refused to allow united nations inspections on plants part of its nuclear weapons program and that may be in operation today. their chemical weapons program dates back to the mid '70s and successfully produced a variety of chemical agent. while syria may also be working on biological weapons the nature of the progress they made, if any, is still unclear.
2:01 pm
coming up in a bit right here our panel of experts discuss a bigger concern which is what happens across the larger middle east if the assad regime fails? what are the stakes for israel and for us? we've got continuing coverage of this increasingly tense situation in syria for you at home and on the go. for all the latest reports and updates on syria you can head on over to our other news source, another alert for you now. this time on the other dangerous showdown in the middle east at this moment. and the question of how israel will retall rate as it says it will after accusing iran and the terrorist group hezbollah of carrying out a deadly bombing in bulgaria. the jewish state's vow to avenge the murder of its five citizens is coming after we get a chilling first look at the suspected bomber. you see him here? we have him spot shadowed. he is is paing the airport terminal. investigators say he moments
2:02 pm
later he boarded that bus and blew himself up and killed five israeli tourists and a bulgarian bus driver. this is the deadliest attack on israelis abroad since 2004. among his remains investigators found what is believed to be a fake american driver's license. so far no group has claimed responsibility but israel says it didn't take long to see the fingerprints of iran and hezbollah all over this attack and now they are vowing to retaliate strongly. joining me now, fox news contributor, ambassador dan gillerman, who is the former israeli ambassador to the united nations. welcome back to the program. two grave situations right now in the region for israel which you always point out is in a very tough neighborhood. let's start first with the terror attack on the israeli citizens in bulgaria. what do you believe the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, means when he is promise rag strong attack or a strong response?
2:03 pm
>> well, good afternoon, megyn. good to be with you. and i can tell you very clearly the prime minister means exactly what he says. these people can run but they can not hide. we will get them. we know that for several years now, for a very long time they have been trying to do exactly what they did yesterday and that is kill innocent israelis just because they happen to be israelis and jews. they tried it in kenya and in nairobi. and tried it in aser buy john. in cypress, turkey, greece and south africa, all over the world. fortunately so far we've been able to foil those attempts but yesterday they succeeded. and the fingerprints of iran are all over this whether they did it through their proxies hezbollah, who are nothing but the bloody
2:04 pm
tentacles on the twisted arms and horrible minds of their masters in tehran or in any other way but we will make sure that we catch the perpetrators. we catch the people who did it and we know for sure that iran is the major engine of terror and exporter of terror around the world and we will make sure that those fingers are cut off. megyn: what level of proof does there have to be? because iranian state tv is calling israel's claim that iran is behind these attacks, quote, ridiculous and sensational? >> well, megyn, if you believe the iranian i have a great bridge to sell you. the iranians are liars. they lied all along about their nuclear program. they lied all along about their terror activities but their fingerprints, their bloody fingerprints are all over the world.
2:05 pm
yesterday was actly 18 years to the day, practically to the second when the iranians blew up the israeli embassy in buenos aires in argentina. the israeli jewish community center. 18 years to the day. they have been doing this for decades all over the world. they tried to assassinate the saudi ambassador in washington. these people have no compunction about murdering and certainly none about lying. and therefore we, we do not take their claims seriously. we know what we're talking about. we have the proof. we know that they have been trying to do it all over the world and we know they succeeded, sadly yesterday. and one thing the world should remember and that is that this is the same country, the same terrorist state, that is on a quest for nuclear weapons and just imagine what a horrible world we would all be living in if they achieve that? if any proof was needed, that they must be stopped, they provided it themselves yesterday yet again.
2:06 pm
megyn: want to shift gears with you for a minute to syria as we get report that is the assad regime may be crumbling, at least three top officials assassinated yesterday and now there are reports that we don't know exactly where bashar assad is. there is concern by israel and the united states about the stockpile of, in particular chemical weapons in that country and our governments are said to be talking about what if anything we should do about them. who is controlling them? might someone in the assad regime take them as a means of getting out of country safely, an insurance policy if you will? there are said to be some al qaeda elements in the fighting on behalf of civilians 30% cuted by assad but where does israel stand on this? and how do you see the risks? >> megyn as you pointed out before, israel is living in a very tough neighborhood. we're literally a villa in
2:07 pm
the jungle. we're a villa in a sea of unrest, of volatility, of cruelty, of dictatorships and of very extreme fundamentalist islam. and the neighborhood is getting tougher and more and more dangerous every day. what is happening in syria today is probably one of the most dangerous developments because assad himself is a dictator and a person who has buchered his own people. he has been cruel, proved to be even more cruel than his father who was a butcher himself. this family has to go. the fact that the international community is watching complacently while assad is butchering women and children and his own people is to me an enanything ma -- enigma i won't understand. i don't understand why the u.s. and europeans acted so swiftly in libya unless the fact that libya had oil and adjacent to europe played a part in it but syria is a
2:08 pm
very dangerous country. it is also a supporter of terrorism, the main supporter of hezbollah which as i pointed out, is nothing but a proxy of iran. so assad has to go. what happens once he goes is a question mark nobody can answer. syria is a country with tribes and factions and different sects and no one knows who those rebels are and who will prevail. the chemical weapons are there. luckily and to a very great extent, maybe, because of israel there are no nuclear weapons there. but the chemical weapons are as dangerous and, they may actually be hijacked by very, very dangerous elements and therefore i think that before it's too late israel, the united states, and anybody who cares about the fate of the region and of the syrian people and of the arab people, not just of israel, has to act to make sure that this devastating
2:09 pm
scenario does not unfold in front of our eyes. this would be a horror movie none of us wants to be in. megyn: absolutely and we'll have a closer look at that in just a bit right here on the program, the situation in syria. ambassador dan gillerman, always a pleasure sir. the always the best to you. thank you. we'll take a closer look today at a case of self-defense now some suspect may have gone too far. police are looking into it. a 71-year-old pulls his gun and opens fire. running away two would-be robbers are holding up a internet cafe but could the man face serious criminal charges? "kelly's court" takes up the case. after weeks of campaign trail complaints about outsourcing, bain capital, foreign bank accounts, what have you, karl rove deconstructs some of president obama's attacks on mitt romney. why mr. president may be in a grass house on some of these issues as he is throwing the stones. >> the president is looking around for someone to blame
2:10 pm
and, recently i i am ba the reason for all our problems here. i was surprised my family and me but he is always looking for someone out there. a little snack. on a wednesday. at 2 am. get that great taste anytime with kingsford match light charcoal.
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megyn: to the campaign trail now where we are watching remarks from governor mitt romney. the republican presidential candidate returning to massachusetts today for a campaign event where he will likely speak about the economy and go after president obama again for his controversial comments about small businesses. you can watch romney's speech streaming live on president obama just started to speak in the swing state of florida. this is a live look for you in jacksonville. he is expected to speak about his push for middle class tax cuts and reducing the debt. again you can watch the president's speech streaming on when the president speaks you may hear something about bain capital, outsourcing and overseas
2:14 pm
accounts. here's a brief taste from a recent dnc ad attacking the president's rival, governor romney. >> why won't mitt romney disclose more information about his international dealings? what is mitt romney trying to hide? megyn: karl rove sees this as an opportunity for governor romney. he is with me now. fox news contributor and former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush. he is also with american crossroads. that is the political action committee that spent nine million bucks in ads defending democratic charges that he outsourced jobs overseas at bain. carl, welcome back. >> thanks for having me. megyn: you see this all as an opportunity for the governor. i don't know if he feels the same but how so? how is this an opportunity for him? >> well it is an opportunity for him to do two things. one to effectively rebut these charges and to raise the debate saying this in essence small ball, personal
2:15 pm
chicago-style negative attacks. the president is doing this because he is not willing to talk about the big issues of putting america back to work and reducing reforming our health care system and all the negative attacks will not do anything to help make america a better country. on top of it they're not true. megyn: you go through each one of them in your column in the "wall street journal." you talk in particular about the recent dust-up about bain can capital and whether mitt romney was in control of the company from 1999 to 2002 when he was running olympics from salt lake. was he because he was technically running olympics and today. da, da you see it as nothing burger? >> customary for ceo's when they take a leave of absence in a firm, generally for health reasons for mitt romney to serve as full-time leader of 2002 winter olympics to con into list their names on the sec documents. president's campaign and president himself alluded to this and campaign suggested mitt romney was guilty of
2:16 pm
felony. this is done customarilily, steve jobs, head of apple, took a leave of as sense to attend to his health. turned over day-to-day control of company, tim cook, chief operating official, yet continued to sign the same documents that mitt romney signed. does president obama think that steve jobs was a felon? i mean, if the president is going to say it about romney, let's see if it is willing to say everyone of dozens of executives who over the last several years have taken leaves of absence sometimes for personal reasons, sometimes for community service and yet continued to be listed on exact same sec documents. megyn: democrats have been making a big deal about bain, outsourcing about swiss bank accounts and so on. james carville, was on "hannity" the other night and said, good for them. good for chicago. go for it. this is the way the game is played. and then went on to say about the republicans complaints in response, the following. love to get your response to this. >> i think that what's happened in the republican party is this. i think the republicans are
2:17 pm
mad and you know why they're mad? because a harvard-educated community organizer is beating them in a street fight. they're mad about it. they're used to winning these fights. the obama people are outflanking and outmaneuvering and beating the romney people and everybody knows it and people that are watching this network know it. megyn: your thoughts? >> well, first of all that is not what the numbers say. when the obama campaign began this attack on the 15th of may, the polls were 46-46. today cbs-"new york times" poll has the race 47-romney, 46 obama. if this is working it ain't working too well. the second thing is it is middle of july. this is why i think it is an opportunity. the president is undermining his own credibility. his attack on bain capital for example, on the issue of outsourcing jobs, "the washington post", not exactly a conservative newspaper, said this was misleading untrue and false. that there was no evidence of it. in fact they had an editorial yesterday that entitled, called it bunk.
2:18 pm
the president's undermining his own credibility. the second issue is, the president is not talking about big issues american people want to have talked about. he is talking about personal attacks. this gives governor romney a chance to respond to the president by saying these negative attacks will not put a single american back to work, not going to reduce the deficit, will not reform our health care system, will not put washington's house in order and those are things i will do as president and condemn the chicago style attacks. in politics sometimes the counseler punch is stronger than the punch and the obama campaign has given governor romney a chance to do good counter punching. megyn: i thought conventional wisdom that negative attacks work and you have to get down in the gutter and have a street brawl if you want to win. talking about the stakes of the white house? >> you have to show some toughness. but there's a difference between being tough in your response and being angry and mean and getting down in the gut ir. let the president remain in the gutter.
2:19 pm
let romney respond in a toughmanner. let him say the president knows this is not true and and i'm disappointed he would continue to say these things. have him challenge the president. does he think jobs is, steve jobs is a felon? if you're concerned about overseas investments, then what about the five million on white house staff have holding companies in bermuda, isle of man and jersey and other tax havens. you have five members of your staff who are multimillionaires have money in banks in switzerland, philippines, russia, middle east and china? mr. president if it is wrong for me to have for ininevident haves you better do something about the multimillionaires on your own staff. without ever saying the word hypocrite. it calls the president a hypocrite. without saying you're concerned about little things and chicago style political attacks. i'm concerned about getting america back to work, resolving our physical problems and getting the country moving.
2:20 pm
megyn: speaking of holdings at the isle of man, apparently sherlock holmes had some. relates to an earlier segment. >> can't trust the guy holmes. his word couldn't be trusted. megyn: thanks karl. we'll be right back. >> you bet. almost tripling in some cases. whether it's on him, or her, or them, it's a ripple effect on america's economy, slowing job creation, squeezing seniors and families, and hindering economic recovery. tell congress to stop a dividend tax hike now. go to to learn more.
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2:23 pm
megyn: a fire chief facing some trouble today after a training exercise goes wrong, sending four firefighters to the hospital with serious burns. the north las vegas fire training exercise happened last january with three cameras filming the action. flames intensifying matter of seconds. red hot fire getting more powerful after two fuel sources spontaneously ignited. two firefighters had to jump out of the window. the fire chief is on administrative leave while a review takes place.
2:24 pm
fox news alert on the attempted abduction of a little girl. a news conference is scheduled to begin any moment in philadelphia after police make an arrest in the case. earlier they released this video showing a man trying to abduct a 10-year-old. look at this girl, while she was walking down the street with her brother. police using the video to track down the suspect. amazing how they can do this. trace gallagher with details live from the breaking news desk. >> reporter: that person in custody has been reportedly postively identified by the 10-year-old girl. the abc news affiliate is the suspect turned himself in last night, questioned by police and let go and apparently picked up again this morning. is now being held by police. take a look at the video. it is unlike anything i have ever seen. the suspect parks his car on a side street, right? then he gets out and begins following these two kids, a 10-year-old and her 2-year-old brother, walking down, broad daylight 3:30 in the afternoon getting ice
2:25 pm
two blocks from their house. he walks up and grabs the girl around puts his hand over her mouth and tries to pick her up. reportedly she bites him in the hand and she faust to the ground. he tries to pick her up again and fights to get away. her brother crimed extraordinarily loud and fled. he left his car door open so he could easily get inside the car. here is philadelphia mayor michael nutter. listen. >> can not have this kind of activity on our streets. our children must be able to walk around their own neighborhood without lowlifes like this individual coming up and grabbing them, touching them or doing anything else. >> reporter: you can see the picture on the left-hand side of the screen. that is the brand new picture of the suspect now in custody as we await for that police press conference to get going. the girl's mom when she saw the video the first time all she could think, oh, my god,
2:26 pm
oh, my god. commenting how strong her daughter was and grateful she is that the father kept telling her about the types of scenarios and kept showing her video online, stranger danger video. you can bet the first thing they did, megyn, when they brought this guy into custody was look at his right hand to see if there were any bite marks on it, if the girl bit down that hard. we get to the news conference. we'll bring you whatever news. megyn: unbelievable. good forrer had. trace, thank you. >> reporter: okay. megyn: there is lesson for all parents and their kids. coming up the next step for nasa after its space shuttle program is shut down. we'll give you an up-close look at the orion capsule boldly bringing us back to the glory days of space exploration? u.s. and israel worrying about what to do with vast stockpiles of chemical weapons as they watch the syrian nation spiral out of control. what happens if the assad regime collapses? where do those chemical weapons go?
2:27 pm
who whose hands do they wind up. what is everything happening in this country right now, so embattled mean for the united states? our panel debates that right after this break. [explosion] people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain.
2:28 pm
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go for olympic gold and go to college too. [ male announcer ] every day we help students earn their bachelor's or master's degree for tomorrow's careers. this is your moment. let nothing stand in your way. devry university, proud to support the education of our u.s. olympic team. megyn: fox news alert. the pentagon just weighing in a short time ago on this out of control situation in
2:31 pm
syria. we have been getting reports in the last 48 hours that the syrian government could collapse at any point. already activists say 17,000 people have been killed in the last 16 months while others like this poor little girl, have had their homes and neighborhoods reduced to rubble in the assad's regime rein of violence of the look at this child. we've been looking at this tape for weeks now. we don't know what happened to her but it is heart-breaking what is happening in syria and now appears to becoming to a head. now the pentagon warns it is hard to predict where the situation is about to go. >> the assad regime it's clear is losing control. there is momentum against assad. we're seeing that with increased defects. more strengthening united opposition across the country. many formerly pro-regime syrians view assad as the problem and not the solution
2:32 pm
and the regime's financial struggle continues. we're looking at what comes next along with the international community and that should be a political transition in syria. this crisis must end. megyn: but we can't do it alone and we're not getting a lot of cooperation. joining me now, counterterrorism analyst and middle east expert. also a foreign affairs commentator and filmmaker behind, u.n. and me. and kt mcfarland. fox news security analyst. this is bad syria. we can't get russia to support us on that. we can't get any u.n. resolution. we said yesterday they were talking about maybe the regime was going to collapse in 36 hours. this came from the state department monitoring twitter. seems like assad is saying oh, guess again. put it in perspective, kt. >> forget the u.n. things are happen much too quickly. they will vote, not vote. whatever sanctions they get will not matter.
2:33 pm
things are going much too quickly for them to even be a player. what counts from a couple things from our perspective, chemical weapons. syria has the largest stockpile of chemical weapons. we don't know where they are. will he use them if he feels cornered. will they fall into the hand of bad guys who might use them, sell them on the international brac market? we know al qaeda is trying to get their hands on chemical weapons. will they come to a subway near you? what happens with syria and the entire region? some countries you worry about being few power you'll. syria you worry about being too weak. if it splits apart and many different directions of civil war, it spills over to jordan. it spills to lebanon. does it affect israel? are we drawn into some kind of situation? finally in the long run, syria a great ally of russia and a great ally of iran and what happens to their relationship? do these countries give up syria without a fight?
2:34 pm
we'll see. megyn: first question on chemical weapons. reports and united states are in discussion whether israel should take out the weapons facilities as this regime is faltering. the reports are the united states is opposed to it because they don't want it to be used by assad as rallying cry against israel, against the west but the alternative is what? that we sit by and let them fall into the hands of who knows whom? >> this is the problem i think with the obama administration generally. he keeps banging on romney for outsourcing jobs. he outsourced our foreign policy at united nations. i saw them on ebay selling chemical weapons could be from the assad regime. it is hugely problematic. we've got to go in there and secure those chemical weapons because, like you said, it may come to a place near you. megyn: how will we do it? even ambassador bolton who is no fan of the obama administration has said we have to be really careful about syria. you know they're a proxy for iran. are we ready to go to war
2:35 pm
with iran by barging in there and taking control of the weapons? i mean it's, very precare us -- precarious, lisa. >> the biggest miscalculation the u.s. or any western power can make here looking at syria as an isolated country in crisis. we have to look at axis of resistance, between iran and hezbollah and syria. we know what that agenda is twofold. first to keep the assad regime in power in syria and secondly keep the mullahs in power in tehran and biggest agenda to spread their influence not only in the region by globe think -- globally. he said should assad regime collapse there will be regional war. hezbollah will back syria because they had our back in the 2006 lebanon crisis. should we get involved there will be doomsday. if we don't get involved the poor people of syria will be continued massacred on the
2:36 pm
streets and we'll continue to legitimatize this axis between hezbollah, syria and iran. megyn: it is hard to know what to root for sitting here in the studio because we've been talking about bashar assad's murder through his troops of babies. i don't even just mean children the i mean babies who are getting murdered as they go door-to-door execution-style with guns up against their heads making parents watch. that's what we're dealing with over there. kt, you hear about that guy losing power you say, okay, great. but who steps in? i'm not saying the opposition forces are all al qaeda there is reports of them infiltrating to some extent. some phones fighting against the regime. who steps into the power vacuum? could they be al qaeda? are they islamist? are they radicals or well meaning liberal democrats? we don't know. all we know in the last month the rebels have gotten very, very good to the appointment where they're now in the inner sanctum. megyn: 17-month slaughter
2:37 pm
until this week. >> all of sudden they're in damascus within hours of taking control of this country that is collapsing around us. i would like to know who these guys are? are they necessarily our friend? maybe but maybe not. and then the other thing again you keep coming back to those chemical weapons. we don't have a peace, israel doesn't have a pass treaty with syria. when i worked for kissinger in the 1970's. they have a cease-fire. they do not have a peace agreement. if the israeli's decide we have to take out the chemical weapons we're in a state of war. megyn: what are we going to do as a practice can call matter? we condemn the terrorist attack against israeli citizens in bulgaria but we didn't condemn the assassination of assad's top guys. some have said, united states favor some assassinations but not other assassinations proving to them some assassinations are okay. we're an impossible situation, ami.
2:38 pm
>> i will say this. talk about what we can do about the chemical weapons, israel already has a script for us. israel saw a problem with syria when it came to nuclear proliferation. they were building nuclear weapons. they went in and took them out. there is precedent for it. i take umbrage one thing you said about united nations. u.n. shouldn't be something irrelevant to us. they are part of the problem. not part of the solution. this third veto that syria and china, you know, did in the security council is a significant problem to get anything done, as the great, you know, behavior observationalist britney spears said, oops, they did it again. they're not that innocent. megyn: we can't get anything past russia when it comes to syria because they are looking out for them. do you think the reports were too premature about assad's regime falling? how do you see it playing out, let's just say in the past two weeks? >> we had reports coming up before this the assad regime
2:39 pm
was hanging on by threats. we know they're preparing tweets and facebook accounts we're looking at are similar what we saw in libya before qaddafi fell. i think, going forward the hours are, we're counting down the hours but --. megyn: he is not like qaddafi. he will not go willingly. >> that is exactly might point. he will go to the very end. as rebels begin to escalate their approach the way they assassinated those important figures yesterday, the government will, you know, up theirs. and they will, you know, continue to get support from the iranian regime. again we have the pass-off scenario with the chemical weapons. this is only going to escalate and we'll have to stand by and watch. megyn: will we have to? is there anything we can do? should be supplying arms and create a safe haven for people along the border? what can we do? >> we certainly don't want to go in militarily, maybe go bomb or have somebody else bomb would be better. you don't want to give
2:40 pm
iranians and everybody a cause. we will turn around and say it is all israel. instead of dealing with their own problems, iran and others they will deflect attention and say it is all israel's fault. then you will have a israel-arab war. >> that is exactly what iran wants to happen. [raul talking at once] megyn: put this on israel. it is intiernal theory. >> two kid goes to the brother and makes faces at him and taunts him and he turns around and smacks her and goes run, mommy, mommy, he hit me. i think to a certain extent these countries are hoping to have israel hit them. then they don't have their own problem. they can turn the entire arab world say all israel's fault, israel and the united states. then you have a conflagration in the middle east. >> bottom line iran is looking for provocation to take the international community's attention off the nuclear agenda and that is exactly what is going on. megyn: interesting. panel, thank you very much. a pleasure. coming up after the break a would-be robbery thwarted.
2:41 pm
you can see it happen on camera. it happened at an internet cafe. here are the guys trying to commit the robbery. the guy at top of the screen, 1 years old takes matters in hand and stops the crime in progress. why could charges against him still be filed? that is after the break in "kelly's court".
2:42 pm
2:43 pm
2:44 pm
megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. on the docket today, 71-year-old gunman jumps into action shooting two armed intruders trying to rob a internet cafe. the whole thing is caught on camera. look at this down in florida. you can see the two suspects. first they run in. one has got a bat. one has got a gun. they go after the money and scaring the bejesus out of everybody in there. look at this guy, the 71-year-old, dressed in white comes out and starts shooting. one of these guys, allegedly pointed a gun at customers. the other was swinging his bat. that's when this guy williams is his name comes out and starts shooting,
2:45 pm
saving those in the cafe. the suspects were arrested hours later. one of them was wounded but not seriously. the customers call mr. williams a hero. but did he break the law? the attorney, the state's attorney has said at this point he doesn't anticipate filing chars based on what he has seen so far -- charges. it is still possible as he awaits final reports from the sheriff's office. joining me fox news legal analyst her said colwin, former prosecutor and defense attorney. mark igler thank, panel very much for being here. the viewers were so mad yesterday because trace was giving reports what a hero this 71-year-old guy is. i said i'm not sure based on what i saw. they yelled at me that i ruined it. only reason i said that because what happened at the very end, what happened at the very end of the tape when the guys were retreating, were running out the door, to leave. one of them was down on the ground and he kept shooting. and i asked you, mark, is
2:46 pm
there any ground based on that? we'll show it to viewers here, any ground based on that for potential charges against mr. williams? >> the answer is yes, but let me make an extremely clear. as a prosecutor, would never bring charges against him. i think what he did was heroic. megyn: you don't want to get the hate mail i got. >> no. it is not justified. i will put on my unreasonable prosecutor's hat. all right, if i'm going to bring charges hear is the argument i'm going to make. the guy was justified in shooting because he reasonably feared death or great bodily harm. once the guys turn their backs and he continue to shoot, three, to probably six feet outside the door, heading out to their cars, clearly they in no way at that moment posed a legitimate threat of death or great bodily harm and his shooting could justify charges, if anyone tuned into the middle of my argument, however i don't feel that way. megyn: let me say this.
2:47 pm
because the law, this is down in florida, same state as trayvon martin and george zimmerman and stand your ground immunity applies normally when you shoot to defend yourself or somebody else but there was a case not too long ago where a guy named david hechtman in tampa lost his bid for stand your ground protection, mercedes, because his victim was walking away when he shot him. we conclude the immunities does not apply because the victim was retreating. that could -- >> that could be an issue for him. frankly will not find a single juror that feels this man should face charges. robbers are coming in, brandishing guns. people are starting to run around. one is swinging a bat. there isn't a single juror would say, of course, this guy is absolutely a hero. let's throw a parade. if i was in those circumstances god willing someone like that brave enough to stand their ground and defend those other individuals. what would have happened if mr. williams wasn't there? megyn: agreed. the part of the tape we just
2:48 pm
watched and this part, god bless him. he was saving lives here. it is this next part, right here. now watch, out they go, one falls over the other. the one on the ground is already shot. there he is, still shooting. >> megyn? megyn: go ahead, mark. >> i will help you make the argument. don't agree with it. say in the final one or two shots when the bad guys are heading toward the car, say a mother is pushing her grocery cart along and son or daughter is there in the cart and that stray bullet fired by a 71-year-old guy hits a quid, god forbid and kill as child. >> that's what you have a civil claim, mark. you don't have a criminal complaint. megyn: i have 30 seconds how could he argue in fear of his life when they're out and retreating? >> strictly adrenaline. i honestly believe even on the ground, since they came in brandishing the guns, they would turn around and shoot he. >> i agree. i agree. keep firing. when in doubt, keep firing.
2:49 pm
megyn: i have to go, but i have to say, full confession, i completely agree with you. now having seen the whole tape, done the research, mr. williams is a hero and does not need to be charged. we'll be right back. good. >> thanks, megyn. ancheddar bay biscuits then choose one of 7 entrees plus dessert! four perfect courses, just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. metamucil uses super hardworking psyllium fiber, which gels to remove unsexy waste and reduce cholesterol. taking psyllium fiber won't make you a model, but you should feel a little more super. metamucil. down with cholesterol.
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megyn: nasa now gearing up for the next phase of manned space exploration which could take astronauts to asteroids or maybe even mars within the next 10 years. but the space agency needs to test out the orion space capsule first. that is happening at the yuma proving ground. casey stiegel live in yuma, arizona with more. >> reporter: yeah, megyn. orion replaces the space shuttle program. nasa tells what is inside
2:53 pm
this hangar the future of space exploration. the spacecraft behind me will be the next chapter in our adventures far from earth. >> that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: it's been more than 40 years since the famed apollo missions when humans stepped into deep space. now, nasa is on track to get back to its exploration roots. >> this is the first time we've had a vehicle that will truly send us to where we've always dreamed about going. >> reporter: in under 10 years orion will ride a rocket and take astronauts to places like mars but it must first endure rigorous testing like here over the arizona desert. >> we kind of put it through a different type of either environment or even a failure mode that we want to protect for. >> reporter: parachutes are the current focus. at 26,000 feet the capsule is dropped out of a c-17 cargo jet to see how the chutes will help grid the
2:54 pm
spacecraft safely back to earth. orion weighs about 20,000 pound compared to the 250,000 pounds of the shuttle but don't let size fool you. there is actually more room inside here per person than there was for the shuttle crew. >> the space shuttle looked very large but the majority of that volume was really for payload such as building the international space station. >> reporter: the first official launch scheduled for 2014. it will be an unmanned mission to test how this thing will reenter the earth's atmosphere, which by the way, megyn, happens at more than 20,000 miles per hour. pretty fast. megyn: wow! casey, thank you. >> reporter: yeah. megyn: coming up police say one mom went too far to help her children get better grades. wait until you hear just how far she went. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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2:58 pm
she may have been buried in a church in 1542. researchers will use comparisons to ancestors alive today. not everyone is happy. we eleven you with that. here is shepard. >>shepard: thank you very much. the news begins anew on "studio b." russian and china stops action against the murderous regime in syria. like it would have helped. and it sparked strong words from the united states. that is ahead. and a new jobless report claims that fueling fears of economic slow down is upon us. but, the jobs data may have more to do with seasonal changes not auto industry. context and perspective coming up. a new investigation into mr. hot tub's former organization. the general services administration accused of spending nearly $300,000 on an awards ceremony. >> that's all ahead unless
2:59 pm
breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, syrian state media today released pictures report reportedly showing president bashar al-assad alive after a bomb killed members of the inner circle. president bashar al-assad is shown swearing in the new defense minister but did not report when or where. we cannot confirm the images because syria puts severe restrictions on journalists after the bombing of a my level security meeting in damascus that killed reportedly three senior senior officials including the defense minister and president assad's brother-in-law. president assad himself has not appeared in public since the attack. and the united nations security council today failed to pass a new resolution designed to put pressure on the syrian regime. because russia and china used their veto power for the third time siding with the s


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